Frankie: An Abandoned Senior

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Frankie was abandoned in a alley with a rope around his neck, as the owner dumped him and drove off. We have taken him into our care.

This is a message from his finder that asked Luv of Dogz to help this senior boxer in need:

“This evening my husband and I were in our backyard planting a fig tree and heard a car in the alley behind our home. This rarely ever happens so we looked through our gate as the car drove away to see a Boxer standing in the wake of the vehicle. He was terrified,freezing and very confused by the whole situation.

We found an unhooked collar, tied to a rope right next to him. They had abandoned the dog. We got him in our backyard and we are hoping your rescue can be of some help. He is an older guy and I fear if we take him to the pound he will just be put down.

I was hoping your group could him in his time of need.

He is an older guy and is 15 lbs underweight. He has been very friendly and curious of our dog and cats. Our dog happened to slip through my legs as I was making a bed for this guy and they both met briefly without incident, only wagging tails.

Any help for this this very sweet old guy will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Jade”

Luv of Dogz has agree do to take Frankie. Since he is a malnourished senior, he is going to need more than the average vet care. We appreciate your donations to help give this guy a second chance at life in his senior years.


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