Daphne Update

Posted on September 26, 2012 at 4:48 pm by Trent 1 Comment

Here is an update on this dog, now called Daphne. Her plight came to our attention a few days ago. A good man, Jeff, saw Daphne recently while he was working at an Indian Reservation. She was near death, dehydrated, living outside under a bush, eating garbage bags to survive. She had pieces of plastic toys and other foreign objects in her feces, obviously she was eating anything to survive…

He contacted Michelle L. and she reached out to her friends in the rescue community. I went out to the site yesterday and with Jeff’s help was able capture her, put her in my car and transport her to the vet.

Daphne is about 15 lbs underweight, she is 29 lbs but should be 45 lbs. She has pale gums, blood test for tick fever/heartworm negative, valley fever blood test pending, testing for uterine infection pending, apx 9 months old, has been pregnant in the past 2 months. She allowed me to handle her with no problem for ear cleaning, nail trimming and let me remove ticks with tweezers that were deep in her ear chamber. She has been given first course of anti-parasitic meds.

She was frightened at first but relaxed after a time when she realized she was safe.
She is now comfortable in soft bedding and safe in the vets isolation room. She will stay here a few days until we can locate a loving foster home that will give her TLC & good food. She needs a home to fully recover; the vets office is just short term. She is a sweet soul that will blossom with time & love in a foster home.

We Need Your Support

Luv of Dogz has committed to her care and is seeking financial donations from anyone who is moved to do so. Donations can be made via our website Paypal “Donate” button.

Please network & Facebook her story to other animal advocates. Thank you!

YouTube Videos of the Rescue

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  1. Josephine · September 26, 2012 at 5:05 pm · Reply

    You guys are AMAZING! Thank you for saving this little one! I made a donation … I hope it helps. – Josie

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