Luv of Dogz Fund Inc. is a 501 C-3 corporation which provides advocacy and resources for rescued/abandoned/homeless dogs and to the people who rescue and care for them. We are all volunteers and have full time jobs; rescuing needy dogs is our passion. We are actively involved in helping people who rescue dogs who are in many sad situations or turned in by their owners and helping unclaimed strays find loving, forever homes. We manage this funding and resource effort solely on DONATIONS to help cover complete medical care and foster care of rescued dogs.

Adoptions from Luv of Dogz Fund occur only in Arizona.

If you have a dog you feel you must turn in, please realize that it takes time for us to respond from the time you contact us and email the dog’s information. We can only offer courtesy listings. If you need help with placing a dog and are WILLING TO KEEP DOG AND HAVE US COURTESY LIST, WE WILL DO THIS IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DO A HOME CHECK ON ANYONE INTERESTED IN YOUR DOG, HAVE THE DOG FIXED AND GET SHOTS, AND CHARGE AN ADOPTION FEE If you are having difficulty with behaviors and/or training your dog and have not sought help from a trainer/behaviorist, please consider doing so. These people understand dog behavior and can often resolve what you might feel are enormous problems but what are actually very common, solvable issues. See below for a listing of trainers and contact phone numbers that would be happy to listen to your concerns before you give up a pet that can be easily helped!

We are a group of dog lovers, rescuers, and foster home providers who are working together to find safe emergency foster homes and crisis services for homeless/abandoned/rescued dogs. We can assist with spaying, neutering, emergency surgeries and health supplies if we have the resources at the time. If you are a rescue group or an individual and do not have a website, we will be happy to assist you by posting your dog photos and bio on our website as a “courtesy listing.” It is something that we do without getting paid at all, so please realize that we are all volunteers with full time jobs and families. Therefore, please be patient and allow us the courtesy of 24-48 hours to respond to you.